Passion, Patience, Perseverance.

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A Combined Expertise, Personalised Treatment

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Why Zen

Integrated Therapy

The core belief of Zen Chiropractic is inspired from late Bruce Lee's philosophy in martial arts: 
  1. To learn and apply whatever works best and effective,
  2. To target the critical point directly, and
  3. Lightning fast!

Research and Development

We invest in Research and Development at all time to better understand the human body and its natural healing mechanism to improve our client’s healing experience.

Based on our core belief, our R&D aims to improve client’s healing experience through the following methods:
  1. Better integration of western and oriental treatments
  2. Better understanding of the root of pain
  3. Shorten the healing time
  4. Reduce the pain during treatment
Zen Chiropractic makes R&D our top priority because we have strong desire to improve our client's healing experience.                    

Timeless Inspiration

Our founder, Aaron Lum (Doctor of Chiropractor) is inspired by the excellency of late Bruce Lee in his Martial Art career at his early age. His willingness to learn a variety of martial arts without prejudice, and absorb the essence of each martial art has contributed to the creation of the most effective combat system during his era.

Therefore, we apply the same successful formula into our treatment by integrating the treatment techniques from across the globe, to find the most effective cure for your problem.


Just finish my first time treatments, and I must say that the results and service are superb awesome. My job nature required me to be long hours in front of computer, it cause shoulder and neck pain for several years and hardly able to straighten my neck without putting pressure on it. Now I able to straighten my neck with ease and is like a chain release to me. Special thanks to Dr Aaron and 小欢. Two thumbs up for you guys.

My knee hurt and sometimes forced to stop running before my planned target owing to the pain. 
Thanks to Dr. Lum and his wonderfully skillful team, I’m convinced I’m on the shortcut to recovery. I’m Immensely happy with the result after the first treatment and on my 2nd follow-on visit, I do see huge improvement.

Thank you, Dr Lum and team

Thank You, Zen Chiropractic for giving my life back.
I have knee pain for two years or more and depression last few months so I unable to dance happily. But now, my life has changed after these treatments and they have great machines to treat patients for faster recovery,compared to those hospitals that gave me painkiller medicine instead of helped me ~ Now I can dance happily and able to Love more on what I do after my two years of pain and depression.

They are so friendly.. They treat their patients like their own family. Thank you so much for your kindness . Eventhough my father just passed away last month. But he never skip the treatment as the Doc and staff over there keep giving the support to him...Highly recommended..