Specialized In Bones & Soft Tissues

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3 Expertise in 1 Treatment

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Why Zen

Precise Diagnosis

Get your unique treatment solutions specially tailored by bone and soft tissue* specialists. 

You will go through a delicate and dedicated diagnosis procedures with your specialist. Findings from physical examination protocols, historical archiving, lifestyles interviews or X-Ray/MRI Scanning, all of which will be taken into account to accurately pin point the root cause of your pain. 

Every patient is a little bit different. Get your treatment personalized with ZEN Specialists. 
*Soft tissues include muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Integrated Treatment

Combine 3 expertise in one treatment.

· Chiropractic –  experts in restoring spine and joints alignment.
· Physiotherapy – experts in hi-tech soft tissues recovery at cellular level.
· Tit-Tar – experts in oriental soft tissues alignment & herbs.

Musculoskeletal problems involve more than one structure of joints.

Integrated treatment combines 3 skill set to formulate personalized treatment. It is not a “one treatment for all problems” solution. Every treatment is based on the pathological findings from the precise diagnosis session. 

Each treatment has a distinctively integrated specialty of chiropractic, physiotherapy and tit-tar. 

Relapse Control

Some medical condition such as scoliosis are idiopathic and cannot be completely cured.

Relapse control and condition deterioration management is crucial in incurable conditions. We are specialized in personalizing a complete solution targeting bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Each treatment aims to reinforce and strengthen the alignment, prevent relapse and slow down the progression of illness naturally. 

Combining active integrated treatment and personalized lifestyle advise by the specialists, you can keep the pain under control and live your life to the fullest. 


Second visit at Zen Specialist! All the doctors & staff here so friendly and professional! They provide excellent service, medical treatment & advice! Recommended if you had any back pain issue!

I do recommend this clinic, great service quality right from the reception with all guidance, appointments, adjustments and follow up, to the service specialists, by listening to the query and with a very professional attitude you will be advised with personalized and adequate treatment, while receiving the treatment on a real time you will be explained how it goes,
All these care and attention, gave me a sense of trust, confidence that helped my body to relax, day after all the long years of pain is significantly vanishing.
Thank you

My first time visit today.. Seriously my pain 50% gone 👏👏..!!! Dr sidhesh and the team is the best 👍👍👍... Really friendly.. The price also reasonable.. Really recommended to other who suffer from pain..!!! Tq zen specialist!!!!

My almost 10 years lower back pain gone 80% after my 1st visit! Can’t wait for my 2nd visit! The doctors n the team are very friendly too! 👍🏻

11/10 - 2nd treatment. Dr Sidesh was awesome, taking his time to listen to all my little details update after the 1st treatment on how I feel and what he can continue for my 2nd treatment.
Now, big shout out to their physio team. They worked their magic hand on me. Taking their time and really look for all the knot, sore, right spot. and each muscle she touches she explain it to the max details and makes me understand my body even better. Their technique was superb accurate, their attitude was very professional, and their care was amazing!
Thank you Zen Specialist for having an awesome support team! Keep up all the good work

it was my first experience and its really awesome.. i feel great after my treatment.. 😌☺️🙏 gonna go back soon for my next session.. and all of the staff are so friendly.. thank you zen Specialist! godbless! 🙏☺️😌


第一次治疗觉得身体松了很多 推荐👍🏻


Angle sprains healing after 1 treatment, so AMazing!!! (做完一次护理踝关节扭伤已痊愈,已经可以正常走动!!)

I twisted my ankle, after the treatment I'm feeling better now. Thank you Doctor Lum!

Really thank you to Dr Aaron Lum,Yen Yen and Elaine ! 感谢你们让我能走回路! 真的非常感谢!

Zen specialist provide the most quality chiropratic service i ever seen in penang.
I had my lowerback pain for 4years ago and now fully recover after the treatment .

I have been suffering with a neck pain which leads to a bad headache. Just one session with Dr.Joe and the pain was gone totally. A very caring Dr and staff who takes utmost concern in treating the problem we have. the assessment was so professional and detailed which targeted the exact problem i had and relieved it. Only god knows how long the suffering was and now i am stress free without any discomfort. Thanks to Dr.Joe and the team of staffs who is so friendly and skilled. Definitely would recommend this place! 😃😃😃😃😃💪

Thanks for the treatment which solved my bone spinal problems

I’ve been feeling some back aches for a few nights.. And after being treated by Dr Aaron for only 1 time, I healed totally ! Really advance machines and best Chiropractic Adjustments in the whole of Penang. Totally recommend this place!

zen specialist 的 doctor!

My knee hurt and sometimes forced to stop running before my planned target owing to the pain.
Thanks to Dr. Lum and his wonderfully skillful team, I’m convinced I’m on the shortcut to recovery. I’m Immensely happy with the result after the first treatment and on my 2nd follow-on visit, I do see huge improvement.

Thank you, Dr Lum and team

Doctor with professional skills and knowledge. Progressive healing, for my case, only 2 sessions needed to 90% recovery on bone alignment. Strongly recommended!

去过一次做治疗就再也戒不掉! !绝对五星级的治疗!!

Just finish my first time treatments, and I must say that the results and service are superb awesome. My job nature required me to be long hours in front of computer, it cause shoulder and neck pain for several years and hardly able to straighten my neck without putting pressure on it. Now I able to straighten my neck with ease and is like a chain release to me. Special thanks to Dr Aaron. Two thumbs up for you guys.

Thank You, Zen Specialist for giving my life back.
I have knee pain for two years or more and depression last few months so I unable to dance happily. But now, my life has changed after these treatments and they have great machines to treat patients for faster recovery,compared to those hospitals that gave me painkiller medicine instead of helped me ~ Now I can dance happily and able to Love more on what I do after my two years of pain and depression.

They are so friendly.. They treat their patients like their own family. Thank you so much for your kindness . Eventhough my father just passed away last month. But he never skip the treatment as the Doc and staff over there keep giving the support to him...Highly recommended..