Brand Story

Portable Zen - The Beginning


After graduated from International Medical University, Aaron started his career as a chiropractor with this portable adjustment table.

“I have always wanted to own a clinic, but it was very expensive to set up one. I did not have enough money. I started with what I could afford – a portable adjustment table. I spent all my savings for it. There was no turning back” - Aaron

Door to door


Pack the adjustment table, drive to patient’s house, set up the adjustment table, diagnose, adjust, pack the adjustment table, rush to next appointment (answer enquiry call along the way) – that is how Zen Chiropractic started.

“All I had was an adjustment table, a car and a cell phone. Zen Chiropractic was literally a clinic on my feet. I was thankful when my patient improved with each visit. Most of them would refer their friend to me, that was when I started to get busy.” - Aaron

No 7, Lorong Batu Uban


To treat more patient, Aaron decided not to waste time travelling. He rented a storeroom at No. 7, Lorong Batu Uban to set up his mini chiropractic clinic. This place is no stranger to the early patrons of Zen Chiropractic, where miracles happened and lives changed.

“This place is full of sentimental memories. More than the joy of owning my clinic, this is the place where I saw my first wheelchair patient stood up and walked, my crippled patient threw away her crutches and danced with her husband. Their tear of joy was rolling in their eyes, and so was mine – hot and salty, down from my eyes, pass my lips, to the ground.” - Aaron

Full House


Through referral from happy patients, Aaron was fully booked that he had no time to eat. His two hands were always on patient’s body. Somebody had to feed him.

“I was busy, very busy. I worked day to night, sometimes up to 15 hours a day. I did not have time to eat. I could not cope with the workload alone. I was glad to have my mother helping me.” - Aaron

Passion Driven


To improve his treatment, other than spending long hour treating patients, Aaron spent his nonworking hour to learn Tit-Tar in a famous traditional bone setting clinic in Kuala Lumpur. He traveled Penang – KL once a week. That was equivalent to 700 KM a week, 100 KM a day.

“I wanted more than just treating patients. I wanted to change their lives, fast. I knew I must improve my skills. Was it tiring? Definitely. But I wanted more people to rise from wheel chair!” - Aaron



Although combining Traditional Tit-tar and Qiao-Kin to Chiropractic treatment improved healing effectiveness, the technique involved repeated abrasion and alcohol erosion to the hand. His skin broke from time to time.

“My hands were rubbing hard over 15 hours a day in medicated wine. Sometimes my skin torn. When the open wound was irritated by the medicated wine, it felt like burning. But I couldn’t stop, the moment my patients stood up from wheel chair flashed through my mind - my patients needed me…” Aaron



To provide the most effective treatment, Aaron took up advanced Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture from University Sains Malaysia and Xiamen Medical University, China. To formulate better Tit-Tar wine, he traveled to Beijing, China to search for a secret Tit-Tar recipe from an accredited TCM master.

He studied the recipe carefully and after 207 rounds of experiments, he managed to improve the effectiveness of the recipe by adding 4 secret herbs. The Zen Tit-Tar wine today is proven to heal faster in real life application.

Call him insane, he is Aaron


If you see a doctor of chiropractic poking himself with needles at night, that must be Aaron. He is not insane. He is testing the acupuncture points on himself. Some patients used to wonder why Aaron’s acupuncture is more effective than others. This is why.

“I poke myself a lot. A few patients have seen me poking myself. This is not a secret. It helped me to understand each acupuncture point better.” - Aaron

Infusing latest technology


Aaron invested heavily in the latest technology from Germany and Switzerland to help patients recover faster.

“Technology can treat certain condition better than traditional method. These technology innovations are expensive. I am willing invest in them as long as they help my patients” – Aaron

Integrated treatment - First in Malaysia


No single treatment can cure all conditions alone. Aaron is the first doctor of chiropractic to combine the essence of Chiropractic, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Technology in his treatment.

“You can’t win a fight if you only know one move. Sometimes you kick, sometimes you punch. I give the best combination according to my patients’ need; this is my philosophy.” – Aaron

Zen Chiropractic today


Zen Chiropractic today is a growing company. With a heart and passion to change lives, Aaron and his team participate in numerous charity events in town every year to offer free treatments for the poor and needy. Under Aaron’s leadership, Zen Chiropractic is committed to add values to the society.

Special feature - Mdm Khong


It is said that behind every successful man, there is a woman. Aaron would like to pay tribute to the dedication of his mother, Mdm Khong who has given unconditional support to him during the early days.