Doctor of Chiropractic would advise normal young adult to have a maintenance care once a month to maintain the integrity of our spine. Under specific condition which the nearby tissue or organ has been affected, it may require up to 1-2 treatments per week to recover, if the case is severe.

Therefore, the monthly maintenance care plays a very crucial role in prevention.

Body misalignment can be both innate and acquired. Acquired misaligned come from external stress such as abnormal loading from overworked joints and muscles, wrong repetitive posture, direct traumas such as accidents and falls.

Other than causing pain and distraction to your everyday life, misalignment can have prolonged effect on your organ, such as reduced blood supply and weak nerve signals. Misalignment induces lethargy and early aging if left untreated. In the long run, neglecting misalignment may leads to weak organs and reduce your life quality.

The best way to know if you have an alignment issue is to make an appointment your chiropractor for examination.

However, there are common sign of misalignment which include but not limited to prolonged back pain, swelling, stiffness, unable to maintain straight posture, reduced range of motion, and weakness in limbs.

When you have the above symptoms, your misalignment has started to affect the surrounding tissues.

No. Even though you do not consciously feel any pain, it does not mean that your spine is perfectly aligned. There may still be a small degree of misalignment that is yet to irritate the surrounding tissue.

It is best to treat the misalignment before it start to cause damage to the nearby tissue.

No. Most of the time chiropractic adjustment will not be painful, as long as you adhere/ follow the instructions that have been given by the doc/ physio/ chill and relax; varies on certain condition.

Your treatment duration shall depends on your condition. In most cases, it shall last around 30-40 minutes for a treatment at Zen Chiropractic. In extreme cases, the treatment may take more than 1 hour.

In Zen Chiropractic, our doctors formulate personalised treatment for you based on the root cause of your condition. Each treatment course is specially designed to meet the recovery needs of your body. You may experience gradual recovery and relieve in discomforts during the healing process, the time required to heal may varies depends on severity of your condition.

There is good pain and bad pain. Pain is bad because it can make you frustrated and annoyed. But at the same time, pain is good because it is a signal that our body send to our brain to seek for special attention from the affected/injured area. If you are experiencing prolonged pain around your body, you should visit your chiropractor for inspection.

Our Zen Style Integrated Treatment is designed by our doctors through integrating Chiropractic with the essence of traditional eastern treatment and modern western technology, which includes Tit Tar, Qiao Kin, Acupuncture, Dry Needling, Myofascial Release, Electro Therapy, Advance Shockwave Therapy and High Intensity Laser.

Our integrated treatment is proven to help our patients to recover faster than standalone treatment.