7 Tips for Healthy Joint

12 Aug 2019
Health Articles

A set of healthy joints can ensure you a happy life. Why? You can carry out your favorite activities such as playing the football, cooking, playing with your child/grandchild in the park, without pain. Aging is inevitable but a set of strong joints will make sure you age gracefully.

Here are a few tips to take care of your joints daily:
 1. Start Your Morning with a Light Stretching

One whole night of sleep means that your muscle would be in inactive state. By doing a morning stretch lightly, it maintains your muscle elasticity. Why is this important? Muscle with good elasticity helps to keep your range of motion, and prevents joint injuries from sprains. It will also make sure you are able to pick up your coin from the floor without spraining your back when you are 60 years old.

2. Keep Your Muscle Active With Low Impact Activity

You will be surprised that low impact activities such as raising up from the chairs, turning your head left and right for, lifting your water Tupperware over your head, or a simple plank exercise, will keep your joints healthy. This is because they will keep muscles and tendons engaged. This in turn prevent muscle imbalance from prolonged inactivity. Imbalanced muscle encourages bad posture, and bad posture causes? Bad joint. Yes, your got it right. 

3. Invest in Foam Roller

Muscle can tense up in our body for various reasons. It happens when you overuse it, or when you underuse it. It happens to everyone and it’s hard to completely avoid that. Muscle tightness and muscle knots can occur. You can use a foam roller to relieve your tightness and stretch your muscles around your key joints. 

4. Regular Visit to your Chiropractor

While mild muscle tightness can be resolved with foam roller, deep muscle knows and tendon/bone misalignment requires trained personnel to rectify it. Patients are not encouraged to crack their bones or adjust their muscle/tendons as it could further complicate the issues. Regular visit to your Chiropractor would give you healthy joints that could save you a lot of money from undergoing joint operation in the long run.

5. Stand up Straight

How to stand straight? Imagine yourself balancing a book on your head and aim to stand tall and straight. Standing straight is important to protect your spine, especially your back and your neck. The straighter your stand/ sit, the less stressful your back will feel at the end of the day. When you stand, try tuck in your chin and imagine a virtual string puling your head up. Make sure you distribute your body weight evenly on both of your feel. If you cannot stand evenly, it could be a sign that you have spine misalignment. Visit your nearest Chiropractor as soon as possible. 

6. Go For a Walk

Walking throughout the day keeps your joints mobile. Walking is not only about the knees. When you walk, all the major joints of your body are engaged. It helps to keep your hips, knees and ankles healthy. Even if you already have leg joint problems, you should try walking in the pool to reduce the stress on your legs. No matter what, do not stop walking. 

7. Sleep Right

Sleeping helps our body to rejuvenate. If you usually wake up with stiff or painful joints, you may want to take note on your sleeping positions. If you have neck pain, pay attention to the thickness of your pillow. It should keep your neck parallel to the bed. If you have hip or knee pain, keep a pillow between your knees when you sleep on your side. Be sure that your mattress provides enough support while you sleep. Mattress that are too soft often results in bad spine support during sleep.