16 Sep 2019
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What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a condition where there is a sideway curvature of the human spine. Our spine is not straight. We have a natural S curves to our spine in healthy body. But the natural curve is front-to-back rather than sideways. About 3% of the adolescent have scoliosis of different extend.

Here are a few quick questions you can ask yourself to know if you may have one.
1. Do I have uneven shoulders?
2. Do I have uneven waist?
3. Is my hip one side higher than another?
4. Is one side of my shoulder blade look more prominent than another?

One way to know if you have scoliosis is to have someone standing at your back and observe your spine when you stand straight. If the person can easily notice a curve along your spine, chances is that you may have scoliosis. The scoliosis curves can be “C” shaped or “S” shaped.

Scoliosis usually start to show up during puberty and it is more common among women than men. If you have child in puberty is showing signs of scoliosis, you are advised to send them to your nearest chiropractor to monitor the child’s growth development closely. 

In 80% of the scoliosis cases, doctors today are unable to identify the root cause of the illness. Scoliosis are broken down into 2 categories. 

Non-structural scoliosis is temporary and there are other health issues that causes the spine to look curves. The spine itself is in healthy structure. The problem can be due to spine misalignment from sports, falls, inflammations, stress, muscle spasms, or appendicitis. For non-structural scoliosis, the curve will go away once the underlying problems are solved.

In structural scoliosis, the curve of the spine is irreversible. It is rigid. Most cases of structural scoliosis is genetics related and can be pass down from family history. Some structural scoliosis can present in the form of birth defect, where the vertebrae development in the fetus stage was incomplete. Other conditions such as cerebral palsy and muscle dystrophy can also lead to structural scoliosis. 

For this type of patient, Chiropractors can help to prevent or slow down the curve from deteriorating, improving the quality of life, reduce the pain and soreness and improve the body balance of the patient. 


If the curve is very mild and barely noticeable, this is considered mild scoliosis. Patient do not have to be too worry. Just come to your chiropractor and have regular spine alignment care will take you a long way. 

If the curve is very obvious, anything more than 10-degree curve, you should seek active intensive treatment to prevent the deterioration of your spine. Severe scoliosis case can reduce the thoracic cavity and causing reduced lung capacity in the patient.

Scoliosis can cause back pain and soreness as the back muscles have to work extra to counter balance the weight distribution of the upper body. Scoliosis patients reports a higher back and neck discomfort than normal population. 

In extreme severe scoliosis, the patient’s spine is not only curving side to side, it can cause the spine to have rotatory curve, making one’s shoulder twisted against the hip. If the rotatory occurs at the rib level, it can compress on the lung or heart, burdening breathing and heart pumping. 


No. There is no way one can prevent structural scoliosis. Even for non-structural scoliosis, due to its diversity of causes, there is not a single sure way to prevent scoliosis completely. 

If an individual has a family history of scoliosis, whenever the person reaches age 10 to 15, or has a child that reaches age 10 to 15, pay attention to the body growth and development of the spine. 
The best way to handle scoliosis is to consult a chiropractor as early as possible. If the condition is not structural, a chiropractor would advise you on the possible other causes if your scoliosis and refer you to related specialist if required to. If it is a structural scoliosis, patient need not to be too upset. With regular chiropractic care, most scoliosis patient can have improved quality of life with little complications. 
Scoliosis patient can have reduced spine curves after chiropractic treatment. Scoliosis patient can stand taller and improve body balance when they move around with regular chiropractic care. Chiropractor can also ease back pain and soreness of scoliosis patient through soft tissue therapy.

In Zen Chiropractic, besides putting the spine back to healthier alignment and ease the back soreness of scoliosis patient, we also combine our treatment with the latest technology to rebuild the supporting muscles of the back to prevent deterioration. 
With our Integrated Treatment, we managed to help our scoliosis patients to minimize the impact of scoliosis on their daily lives, they can live a confident live, less disturbing pain, better movements. Living with Scoliosis is a lifelong journey. In this journey, Zen Chiropractic is with you!