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Sidhesh (Doctor of Chiropractic) graduated with honours from International Medical University (IMU), Malaysia where he completed his Bachelors of Science (Hons) in Chiropractic. He went on to complete his clinical placements with IMU Healthcare. Sidhesh (Doctor of Chiropractic) is currently a registered member of the Association of Chiropractic of Malaysia (ACM-183). His love and passion in treating different conditions using various techniques knows no boundaries. When he was introduced to Dry Needling and its effectiveness in the treatment of soft tissue dysfunction, he had then immediately made up his mind that he had to master it. He went on to complete an International Certification in Dry Needling awarded by Ashira Foundation Trust Board of Certification in collaboration with International Sports Science Association, USA. Up till date, he has seen several success stories of dry needling incorporation into therapy and is looking forward to heal more people. Not to forget, he continues to attend seminars and short courses to extend his chiropractic knowledge, for the sole reason of wanting to heal more bodies.

He has previous working experience with a renowned tit tar bone setting specialist centre in Kuala Lumpur before he decided to move to Penang Island. The combination of western, eastern and technology at Zen Chiropractic is what aroused his interest to serve here. Based on his experience, he believes that a multidisciplinary approach of treatment works best and yields faster results. Sidhesh (Doctor of Chiropractic) strongly recommends everyone in pain or with injury to opt for an integrated approach of this sort, if they wish to obtain faster and effective outcomes. He stands by the saying of “why opt for less when you can settle for the best”.

Previously, he has also participated in a mission trip to treat & educate the less fortunate in Dabein Village, Myanmar. Since his schooling years, he has been passionate about wanting to be able to help people with joint & muscular aches through a more natural approach.  Knowing his love and passion for natural healing, his friend had introduced him to chiropractic. Since that day, after making up his mind to pursue chiropractic, there was no looking back for Sidhesh (Doctor of Chiropractic). He truly believes that chiropractic care is for EVERYONE, regardless of age as it is highly valued for its preventative qualities as much as for pain relief of musculoskeletal diseases. 

His main goal in practice is to be able serve & educate people of various backgrounds across Malaysia about the benefits of chiropractic care. He hopes to see a shift in the choice of treatment amongst Malaysians where chiropractic care, especially with the integration of eastern tit tar and technology gradually becomes the ultimate choice in the treatment & management of musculoskeletal ailments, in the years to come.